Peak Residence is a joint venture between Tuan Sing and Rich Capital

Tuan Sing Ltd is a Group based in Singapore that deals with property investment, development and hotel ownership. The company was formed in 1969 and became listed on Singapore Stock Exchange in 1973. Today, the company has expanded to become a multi-core business with an established presence in the area and employing about 4300 employees across the region. It has a rich portfolio that features strategically located real estate assets in Singapore and other countries.

Tuan Sing has 97.9% shares in Hypak Sdn Berhad and owns 80.2% of the SGX-ST listed SP Corporation Ltd. SP Corp deals with commodities trading while Hypak specialises in marketing and manufacture of polypropylene packaging bags in Malaysia.

The company also holds 49% shares in Pan-West Pte Limited which is a retailer of gold-related products, and a 44.5% stake in GUI Technologies Singapore Privates Ltd which is a printed circuit board manufacturer.

With excellent management and leadership, the company has positioned itself as a regional player with the establishment of hospitality, residential and commercial properties in key cities across the Asian-Pacific region. It has a presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and China.

Leveraging its established track record and strengths in the investment and property development sector, the company plans to participate in large-scale integrated developments. It has received various awards for the developments of outstanding projects in the region.

Some of their past projects include:

• Cluny Park Residence
• Botanik Residence
• Kandis Residence
• Sennett Residence

Rich Capital Holdings Ltd previously known as Infinio Group Ltd is a Singaporean holding company. The change of its name initiated the diversification of the company to include other property-related activities.

The Singapore listed company alongside its subsidiaries specialise in the development of industrial and residential properties in Singapore. Rich Capital is focused on property management, investment and development, and offers specialist construction services.

The group has extended its services to other countries such as Indonesia and Batam. The company participates in property developments on its own and through joint partnerships with other established companies.

Rich Capital Holdings aims to be the leading developer offering innovative, quality and responsive built environments. They are focused on meeting their customers’ expectations through the development of well-designed living and working spaces that suit their needs.

Some of their projects include:

• 6 Kim Chuan Terrace
• 333 Thomson Road
• Oxley Convention City